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Marvin Christmas giveaway from Watchluxus: and the winners are…

Two weeks have passed since we have launched our Christmas competition with our friends from Watchluxus and, for the great joy of everybody, we are ready to announce the winners of the M015 and the M102! We were impressed and deeply touched by all the posts that were published on Watchluxus’ Facebook wall and we would like to thank all our fans for their creative messages and kind words!

Even though Marvin’s official claim is “new time, new codes“, we were very pleased to see that in your eyes, the brand also stands for “new standards of excellence“, “new vision of time“, “new passion“, “new classics“,”new spirit“, to quote only a few of the tags received. We will do our best to keep up with your expectations!

Unfortunately we could not convince Santa C. to pack a Marvin for all our fans who have entered the competition (grrr!), so we left the big decision to a heartless computer program that has randomly selected the two winners among all participants. The lucky two are (deep breath!) Céline Perera, who will impress all her friends and family with her brand new ultra glamorous M015 and Pierre-Yves Dupuis, who will be the envy of the neighbourhood with his très chic M102.

Congratulations and beware: these timepieces are made for people who dare to impress! May you wear them with passion and enthusiasm and always follow Marvin’s new codes!

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